Member Factory Review

Today I am doing a review of Member Factory

Member Factory is a web based membership software that makes it easy for anyone to start making recurring income without a lot of technical hassles. Member Factory goes live to the public on February 13,2016 at 2 pm EST.

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member factory review

Member Factory is brought to you by Sam Bakker, Stefan van der Vlag and Deep Arora. These vendors have brought top quality software to the market before such as Audience Drill, Social Connect and Social Lead Chief. The are trusted vendors and they have a good reputation of supporting their products.

Why do you need a membership software

The membership model is one that allows you to have stability and predictability in your business. You only have to sell the product once and earn revenue from it over an over again- this is the definition of truly passive income. These software also protect your valuable content to ensure that you get paid for the hard work you have put in to create them.

Why Use Member Factory

Apart from the general benefits mentioned above, member factory addresses some of the main pain points when trying to set up a membership site.

  • It’s web based so you don’t have to worry about integrating it with your existing site such as wordpress
  • You can have unlimited members and membership levels so you don’t have to pay extra for this.
  • They host your membership site so you don’t have to pay additional hosting fees (this alone is worth the price of admission).
  • Integrates with the major auto-responders (Getresponse, Aweber, etc.) so that you can build a buyers list
  • Integrates with the major affiliate programs (JVzoo, Click-bank, etc.) so that you can get more traffic and customers

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Is there a down side?

The only disadvantage of member factory is also one of its main advantages. Let me explain, because they host everything there is the possibility that they may decide to stop supporting the software and move on to something else. This happens sometimes with software and you would be forced to have to transfer you memberships to another platform which could be a real pain. However here’s why I think this won’t happen.

  • The vendors have a good track record as I mentioned in the beginning and have proven that they stand by their products
  • The recurring costs. The fact that they are using a recurring membership model themselves this means that they can continue to support the software or at least pay someone to do it
  • As I mentioned before you can always backup your membership data, so its not like you will lose your business or its members

The final word

By now I’m sure you’ve figured out that I like Member Factory and the benefits far outweigh the cons, so I can easily recommend that this is something you invest in. These systems are useful whether or not you have your own products as you can easily sell PLR products with this. Also its great to use to protect your content even if you sell one off products or use a freemium model. I also have a few cool bonuses that you can check out here.

Let me know what you think of Member Factory in the comments below, or what you are using for your membership sites.

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