Soci Vids Review and Bonus

Breaking news: Facebook and YouTube just had a baby and its called Soci Vids. Okay so they didn’t really have a baby but Soci Vids comes really close to what a love-child of what two of the largest web properties would look like. It allows you to place call to actions inside any youtube video and then easily post these videos inside the facebook timeline, groups and even on your own website.

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Soci Vids goes live on June 28,2015 at 11:00am EST so if you see this before then you can sign up for a special webinar where they will showcase the software and you’ll also be able to pick up a discount if you attend the webinar.

Once it launches there will be early bird pricing for the first couple of hours so that you can still get it at a low price.

Now Back To The Software

Check Out The Demo Of The Software

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Socivids allows you to put your call to action inside the video itself. Usually you would have to tell your viewers to click a link or sign up during your video for them to take action. With Soci Vids you can put your button or signup form at the exact point in your video you want them to take action. The call to actions you can put in are:

  • An opt-in form
  • A CPA link
  • An affiliate link
  • A JV Zoo buy now button
  • A paypal button
  • A call to action…
  • Countdown Timers

You can put these in your video then ember them on your site, but the real magic happens when you put the video on facebook. You get a simple link that works in a the Facebook timeline, groups and pages.

This allows you to get instant traffic to your videos which makes this perfect for promoting:

  • Your own digital products
  • Physical products
  • Affiliate products
  • CPA offers
  • Amazon products
  • Much more…

There are only a few things that Soci Vids doesn’t do, but I’ve provided some bonuses that make up for this that you will receive if you order through the links on this page.

The Bonuses

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Soci Vids Bonus


  1. Clear your cookies in your browser (Here’s How To Do It)
  2. Get Your Copy Of Soci Vids Through This Link
  3. Contact me at my support desk at and be sure to include your JVzoo transaction receipt
  4. I will respond with your bonus within 24 hours

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