Video Bookmarker Review and Bonus

Today I’m doing a review of Video Bookmarker which goes live on the 28th October 2015 at 11am EST. Video Bookmarker as its name suggest is a backlinking software that allows you to create hundreds of social bookmarks to your videos. The creators are Peter Beatie, Aravindh Shridhar and Yogesh Agarwal and you may be familiar with some of their previous products such as Voo Player and Video Pages.

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Watch My Video Review Below

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Now Peter and Aravindh are video guys who specialise in creating videos, video players and video products, however Yogesh is a SEO expert and software developer and the three of them have combined to bring you this software that will bring traffic to your videos and offers .

How it works

The software has a database of over 500 bookmarkring sites and allows you to quickly create accounts on all of them and then create links to your videos using these accounts. Google loves to rank videos and in particular Youtube videos because they know that video is the most engaging form of content online and it is their job as a search engine to provide the content that people are looking for. To Google and other search engines backlinks count as votes for what people are looking for and they give social backlinks a higher weighting because of the viral nature of social media.

Some of the features included in Video Bookmarker are:

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  • Mass account creator
  • Build links to multiple urls in a single run
  • Advanced scheduler
  • Human simulation mode
  • Pre-written posts database
  • Detailed statistics and reporting for your backlinks and campaigns
  • Much,much, more…


What I Like

I like a few things about this software and they mostly fall under the category of automation and saving time. You can do most of the tasks it does manually but of course the software will save you from doing all that work. I like that you can run multiple tasks at a time such as account creation, posting links and email account verification.

The reporting and detailed statistics are also big plus as I have used similar software to this that won’t tell you where the links are being made or you have to pay more to access these details. Finally I like the human simulation feature (power user level only) that along with scheduler can make your backlinks look a lot more natural.

What I Don’t Like

The software can only create backlinks,You still need to have some basic understanding of  SEO and how to choose buyer keywords and how to monetise the traffic you receive. Also you will eventually have to sign up for a captcha service to ensure that your links are successfully posted to the social bookmarking sites. Also these sites can change or expire reducing the number of links you get, although to be fair Video Bookmarker allows you to add your own sites to their engine which are fairly easy to find.

The Verdict

Overall this is a very powerful piece of software that will help you to rank your videos and get more traffic. Just understand that there will be some work involved and that simply buying the software won’t make you a millionaire with a few clicks.


I have prepared a bonus package that compliment this software and will help you to get faster results. You can check out the bonus page here.

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