Video Profit System Review and Bonus

I just finished going through the training inside Video Profit System and I must say that I am impressed by how the product creator Alex Jeffreys has pulled the curtain back and revealed exactly how he runs his business. The Video Profit System is actually a good example of a marketer who practices what he preaches. He shows exactly how he goes through the process of creating what he calls his ‘Video Funnels’ and outlines each of the steps he takes which include:Video Profit System

  • Researching the market
  • Focusing on problems and providing specific solutions
  • Educating his customers inside the video content so they are empowered to take action
  • Editing and producing the videos
  • Re-purposing the videos into other formats to add value to the offer
  • Creating the sales video or sales letter
  • Building his affiliate army for gaining boatloads of traffic
  • Using follow up marketing that includes video to maximise his earnings
  • Much much more…

The only issue I had with the training is that because it is so comprehensive it may be difficult for a beginner to fully grasp everything he teaches. You see normally Alex’s products are very specific in the solutions they provide and therefore he normally goes into detail so that his customers can follow along.

In this case he covers all the areas of his business so it would be impossible to cover every detail that is included in just a few videos. However, the bright side is that Alex has allowed me to give you some of his previous courses as a bonus if you grab Video Profit System through the link on this page. These bonuses fill the gaps where the main training is lacking which means that you get everything you need to be successful with this system.

The Bonuses

Please note that each of these bonuses are actual products that are being sold separately right now and each of them actually sells for more than the cost of the Video Profit System launch price. Therefore you are really getting 10 products for the price of less than one.

Bonus #1: Million Dollar Sales Video Formula

Bonus #2: Secret Affiliate Sniper 3.0

Bonus #3: The Super List Method 2.0

Bonus #4: Digital Product Machine 2.0

Bonus #5: The Money Trigger

Bonus #6: The Cashbox Blueprint

Bonus #7: The Profit Funnel

Bonus #8: The Traffic Rush System

Bonus #9: Marketing With Alex LIVE

How To Claim Your Bonus

  1. Clear your cookies in your browser (Here’s How To Do It)
  2. Get Your Copy Of Video Profit SystemFan Page Money Method Through This Link
  3. Contact me at my support desk at and be sure to include your JVzoo transaction receipt
  4. I will respond with your bonus within 24 hours.

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