Video Takeover Review

Today I’m doing a Review of Video Takeover

Video Takeover is a new software that takes affiliate marketing to the next level. It launches March 4, 2016 at 10 am EST. The vendors are Brett Rutecky and Mike Thomas also known as Mike from Maine. These are the vendors that previously released products such as SociVids and Profit Canvas.

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video takeover review

Video Takeover eliminates one of the biggest issues with affiliate marketing. Smart affiliate marketers have figured out that the best way to earn commissions is to send traffic to a bridge page such as a review page or a bonus page where you can presell your prospects and add value before they get to the sales page. This is way better than sending customers directly to the vendors sales pages. However only a percentage of the original traffic is going to make it to the sales page recommended and an even smaller percentage will actually buy. Video takeover allows you to send more traffic to the sales page and still show your review or bonus videos to your prospects.

My Review Video Explains It All Below

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As you can see Video Takeover allows you send get more of your traffic to the sales page which increases your chances of getting more sales. Here are some of the benefits of using this method in your marketing.

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  • You can send more traffic to your money pages and still offer value to your customers by adding reviews or bonuses with the Video Takeover boxes
  • You can easily add scarcity and a call to action to any page by using the Video Takeover Bars
  • You can use any page on the internet in your marketing and still add your branding with the “Pages” option
  • Get Authority from the pages you send your traffic to as you can use this with any page and not just afffiale promotions.


Video Takeover is not just software as you also receive training about affiliate marketing in general as well as how to build a list. There are also some added bonuses listed below.

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  • Training on how to get free traffic on a daily basis
  • Free access to a Squeezematic account that allows you to build lead pages with drag and drop ease (normally sells for $19 per month)
  • LIVE workshop replay of Mike and Brett revealing EXACTLY how they started their 7-figure businesses
  • 4 bonus videos that you can use in the software (no need to make your own videos)
  • Four amazing pieces of software that you get with resell/giveaway rights that you can use in your own promotions(this alone is more than worth the price of admission).


It goes without saying that Video Takeover is stacked with value and I fully recommend it as a good investment in your business. I have also added a few bonuses of my own that you can check out below.

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Feel free to let me know what you think about Video Takeover in the comment section below and make sure to share this page if you enjoyed my review.

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