WP Freshstart 3.0 Review

Today I am doing a quick review of WP Freshstart 3.0.

WP Freshstart 3.0

This is the third version of an incredibly useful and easy to use plugin by Ankur Shukla. It allows you to set up a brand new wordpress site with a few clicks without having to do the menial tasks associated with doing so.

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For me personally (I’ve been using version 2 for a while now), WP Freshtart is a real time saver. I use WordPress everyday in my business and I set up a couple of installations each time for the following reasons.

  • Test Blogs
  • New Products I’m selling
  • Landing Pages/Funnels
  • Members Areas and Download Pages
  • Set Up sites for clients
  • Affiliate sites

Before WP Freshtart every time I did a new installation I had to do the following:

  • Delete the sample post, page and comments that were created in the default installation
  • Change the permalink structure to make the sites more SEO friendly and of course make sense to human beings
  • Add legal pages and frequently used pages like About and Contact pages
  • Install my favorite plugins like security plugins and page builder plugins
  • Much more depending on the type of site I’m building.

With WP Freshstart this no longer takes up over 30 minutes for each site and I can use the time I save in other areas of my business. So though this plugin is not going to make you rich just by installing it. It will save you lots of time and money especially if you were planning to outsource these tasks or you work with multiple clients.

Check Out The Demo Video Below

 A you can see from the video WP Freshstart is useful and really easy to use, so obviously I recommend that you invest in it if you use wordpress in you r business in any way. I’ve also put together some great bonuses that compliment this plugin and you can check out the Bonus Page here. There are additional training and software that will make using wordpress in your business much easier.

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Feel free to tell me what you think about WP Freshstart in the comments below.

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