WP Video Sidekick: Step By Step WordPress Tutorials

Do you use Worpress in your business? You should. Why? Ok I’m a bit biased but using WordPress has completely changed my online business.

WordpressI remember when I just started out I use to fumble around with html pages in my marketing. It would cost me hours and hours of messing about with code and most times after all the hard work it still wouldn’t be  right.

Then again I’m a bit of a perfectionist so maybe it was partly my fault. Now don’t get me wrong there is a place for html pages and I still use them in some parts of my business, but wordpress is now my preferred web publishing platform and here’s why.

Its Free

Everyone loves free stuff, especially when you are just starting out and have a limited budget. You can easily download wordpress for free from WordPress.org along with thousands of free themes and plugins to customise and extend the functionality of your website. But more on that later

Manage Your Website From Anywhere

WordPress is an online publishing platform which means you can publish and edit the content on your site from anywhere there is an internet connection. You can even do this from most mobile phones. This means that you can manage your site on the go and there is no need to create pages like I use to do in html then have to upload them via FTP or cPanel.


WordPress is simple enough for you to have a blog up in an hour and is just as capable to be used as a full blown content management system (CMS) to manage membership sites, business and ecommerce stores. Whatever your needs WordPress can do it.


WordPress has a wonderful community of users and developers that take advantage of  the Open Source nature of the software. This means that you can add just about any functionality to your site by using the free or premium themes and plugins I mentioned above. You can easily add functionality such as memberships, social media, eCommerce, forums, security, media and much more by adding a plugin.

Its Search Engine friendly

WordPress is SEO friendly right out of the box and this means that using it improves your chances of getting more visitors from Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. This is one of the best reasons to use it if you are serious about increasing visitors to your site and ultimately grow your business.

Listen I could go on and on about WordPress, I’ve been using it for years and I’m biased. The reality is its easy to use, but I realise that many people struggle with it simply because they don’t have a good resource to turn to to get it set up and running correctly. That’s why I created WP Video Sidekick so that you can become a true wordpress superhero with my training as your guide.

It has step by step video instructions so that you can look over my shoulders and see how you can set up WordPress properly from the start and use it daily in your business. This is a skill that you will always benefit from and you can even teach others once you have mastered it.

So take advantage of the special price that I have available during its launch and grab our copy at http://wpvideosidekick.com

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