You’ve Got Spam!

Is your inbox constantly flooded with marketing messages claiming to make you rich overnight or offering the cure to all your problems? Do you remember when it was fun to actually check your inbox and see real messages from real people that were actually of value?

It seems that those days may be gone forever, but I just wanted to share a few quick tips on how to control your emails so that you can actually get to the messages you really want to see and reduce the time wasted on the other stuff.

First of all most of the top email providers do a really good job to keep the really spammy stuff out of your regular inbox, so what we really need to do is to separate the personal stuff, from the work stuff as well as handle the hardcore sales messages that we receive.

The first thing to do is get a separate email address for the hardcore marketing stuff and all the free offers you sign up for online. I recommend Gmail but any of the top services will do.

However, since your original email address is probably already overrun by spam it’s probably easier to just use the new email address for your personal messages and to receive messages from your family, friends and business partners. You can simply send out a general email from your existing email address to everyone you want in this category giving them your new email address.

That will leave you with an email address that only receives the hard selling offers that as tempting as they may be you really don’t need to check them as often. Once a week is enough when checking this email address and you can spend the free time you have now to focus on the more important parts of your business.

So from now on you simply use this address for all the free offers you sign up for and then use your new email address for your friends and family and the marketers that give you quality content and products.


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